Circuit Engineering Co., Limited

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I send repairs/reverse engineering sample to CECL?

Carefully pack and ship the PCB circuit boards to us. Shipping how-to’s are provided when you submit your item(s) form online. Even if you forget to fill out the form or make a mistake, don’t worry – your item will still be processed correctly and assigned a number when it arrives.
2. How long will it take to get my item repaired/reverse engineering and back to me?

Most tasks are completed in 5 to 15 business days, reverse engineering will take longer, depends on the level of complexity of your circuit boards. Return shipping will depend on how far and how fast.

3. How much will it cost to repair, reverse engineering or manufacture and assembly?

You will receive a free quote after we evaluate your item. By providing job-specific pricing we can offer you, our customer, the best pricing.

4. What is the Free Evaluation Process?

Members of our tech team physically review each item sent in for a free evaluation. They will look for both obvious evidence of damage as well as known common faults for that particular item, and for signs of previous repair attempts. They will test the functionality of some suspect parts and look for signs of catastrophic failure that would make the unit unrepairable. They will not do a complete component by component test during the free evaluation process. Our customers tell us they like the fact that we offer free evaluations and that their repair prices are based on the amount of damage to their items.

Members of our tech team will review the circuit board sample you sent to us and check the density of circuit pattern, quantity of node, pad and hole(PTH & NPTH), quantity of components on the pc board, layer count and try to spot if any IC need to being crack.

5. What is CECL Shipping Policy?

The customer is responsible for shipping both to and from CECL, You select the carrier and method you prefer. UPS, Federal Express, DHL or TNT are the most common carriers that we have found to be reliable. Your account number can be used for return shipping if requested. We can use our express forwarder to ship the boards back to you and shipping charge will be added in the order value.

6. What happens if the repair does not work ( what is the warranty policy )?

Your satisfaction is our commitment. If your item has been repaired and does not work when it is reinstalled, please let us know in your most convenience way. We can assist with many installation questions. If it is determined that the unit needs warranty repair services, send the unit back to us with the job number, a note with the nature of the problem, and contact information. We will get on it right away.

7. How do I approve a quotation?

You will receive a quotation via email, unless otherwise requested. Print and review the quote and simply sign it authorizing us to do the work. We will contact you after receipt to coordinate payment and the items which need to repaired or reverse engineering.

8. How can I check the status of my items?

Please get in touch with our customer service team through MSN, Skype or YM any time from 8:30 am until 5:00 pm. Or, you can email us at as well. We are standing by to help you.

9. What are the payment options?

Orders can be prepaid with Western Union, Paypal, by wire transfer, or a company check. Many of our customers and most first time customers use Western Union, Paypal payment option. Net terms can sometimes be set up for subsequent orders by checking in with our credit office. All international sales are wire transfer only. All prices are quoted in US dollars.

10. Does CECL sell parts?

Yes we do sell electronic parts and we accept components and parts in the following three approaches.

1.  You supply the parts;

2.  We purchase on your behalf, from your specified distributors;

3.  Use our in-house component stock;

Components for your PCBA project can be supplied in any one or more approaches above. We order genuine parts from your designated suppliers or our partner companies.

11. Are there any custom duty or tax?

It depends on the where you are. In some countries like USA , Italy and Canada, there is no duty tariff importing PCB from China. There may be duty on some components and PCB Assembly products.

We can handle custom declarations for you in Canada and USA with some extra charges. We can then ship your boards from Canada or USA.